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Small Engine Worx is the culmination of Gavs Bikes and Boats and Cape Mowers .

Starting almost 20 years ago in an air conditioned donger , Gavs Bikes became a reputable business specializing in the sales and service of small engines in the sweltering Karratha area.

Nearly ten years later ,through the evolution of family needs and the desire to get far from Karrathas climate we set up camp in Margaret River.

Procuring a shed out the back of the Margaret Rivers LIA seemed a fine way to set up shop to test the waters and was suffice for a few years.

Hiding from the public in the back blocks didnt seem like the ideal business plan so we upped stumps and moved to Boodjidup rd which to me is the main street of the LIA. It maybe hard to spell ,lucky for me it turned out easy to find for customers.
Sharing the premisses with Cape Mowers was a sweet little number as I had good mate Andy next door.

8 years on ,Andy and I shared a lot coffee and work challenges. When Cape Mowers came up for sale it seemed only logical that we diversify, and that we did. With Andys help it was hardly a stretch to gain the knowledge required to give customers the best service possible. At the time I had no idea how lucky we were to acquire such reputable brands, brands that sell themselves.12 months into the Husqvarna and Can Am dealership and I couldnt be more content.

Success is largely attributed to family support ,the loyalty and reliability of Shayno and Andy, who has made the transition a breeze.

We appreciate our customers loyalty to the brand and encourage others to have a look over the fence because we have a lot to offer.

Kind regards;

Gavin Russell